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When To Give Baby First Haircut
Baby grooming

When To Give Baby First Haircut?

So when is the right time to give your baby their first haircut? It is a question that you may not have even thought of before, but when it comes to when to give your baby their first haircut, there are actually some very important factors that need to be considered. In this blog post, we will talk about three things you should think about when making the decision on when to cut your baby’s hair for the first time!

The hair of their kid is considered by many parents as the Holy Grail. That implies it can’t be touched by just anybody! Those locks are like delicate gold strands.

However, your infant will need to move into the toddler world and acquire a “grown-up” haircut at some point. You may be dreading or anticipating that day. We’re here to help you through any circumstance you’re in. We’ll tell you all you need to know about giving your baby his first haircut.

When To Give Baby First Haircut?

There is no such thing as a good or bad moment. Some newborns have a lot of hair that develops at an abnormally fast pace. They may be ready for a haircut as soon as eight months, if not sooner.

Other children may not be ready until they are well into toddlerhood. That’s all right. In fact, Mom will have one less thing to worry about!

It’s also a matter of parental preference. Some parents want their children to have “baby locks,” while others prefer a more groomed appearance.

Just remember that after the baby hair is gone, it won’t come back the same way. Fine hair may thicken after the first cut. And those adorable newborn locks you just chopped off may not come back.

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready

A surprise haircut is unlikely to please your infant or toddler.

Consider what goes into getting a haircut. Your child must sit motionless in a chair, wear a plastic cape, and have their hair touched by a stranger. I remember being frightened, and my poor kid was no exception!

As much as possible, try to prepare your kid. If you’re talking to a toddler about it, explain how and why we have our hair trimmed. Even better, bring your kid along to see you have your hair trimmed – be a role model!

You should probably avoid using the term “cut.” The connotation of it may be frightening to toddlers. You may instead use the terms “snip” or “trim.”

First Plan and Then Prepare

Keeping your kid occupied and engaged may help the first haircut go more smoothly. Bring his or her favourite toy with you. Perhaps a coloring book might be beneficial.

Check to see whether your kid is hungry or weary. When my kids hadn’t eaten, they’d be the worst case of “hangry.” And a fatigued kid is more likely to have a tantrum, which is exactly what we don’t want!

It’s better to schedule an appointment in the morning. Your kid will be fresh after a full night’s sleep at this time of day.

It’s also a good idea to bring along a second person to assist. Both parents may go, or a friend that your kid trusts can accompany them.

Prepare yourself

You may have to sit in the chair with your child on your lap, depending on how they react to the haircut.

Keep the atmosphere light

If you’re concerned, your kid is likely to pick up on it. They may become fearful and insecure as a result of this.

Maintain an optimistic attitude! Prepare yourself and your kid for the haircut by chatting to them and telling them how much fun they will have. And how lovely they’ll be afterward!

Locate the Correct Location

If you’re looking for a salon to give your infant his or her first haircut, it’s critical to choose the proper one. This has the potential to make or ruin the experience, as well as future haircuts.

Check to see whether the salon is kid-friendly (1). You don’t want any judgemental glances if your child lets out a few of screams. Perhaps speak with other mothers in your neighborhood to see which location is the best.

Many salons that cater to children will provide first-cut packages that include before and after pictures. Some people may even offer to trim your hair for free. Books and movies will be available in other salons to keep your kid entertained.

How to Cut Baby’s Hair

It doesn’t have to be a huge issue to make the initial cut or snip. Of course, it’s emotional, but the cut doesn’t have to be all that elegant. Perhaps all your young one needs is a shortcut or some simple bangs that you can accomplish at home.

Here are a few items you’ll need before you start cutting your child’s hair:

>> A chair, preferably high.

>> A comb and a brush.

>> Hair clips.

>> Spray bottle with water.

>> Two towels.

>> Barber shears, these are sharper and more precise for a quick cut.

Setup Your Salon 🙂

Locate the ideal spot for your at-home salon. To keep their children occupied, many parents choose to cut their hair in front of the television (and hopefully as still as possible). Alternatively, offer them a toy to keep their hands occupied.

Cover the area where you’ll be working with a towel or newspaper. Make life easy on yourself and your back by using a high chair for your kid.

Get Your Little One Ready

Place a towel over your child’s shoulders and fasten it with a hair clip while they’re in the chair. Put on an old T-shirt instead of the towel if your child views it as a deal-breaker.

Wet or dampen your child’s hair using the spray bottle. You may also wash and shampoo their hair beforehand, but I believe bathing them afterward is preferable. Then it’ll be much simpler to remove all of their loose hair.

Start With Some Little Snips First

Comb the hair and concentrate on tiny portions at a time, smoothing it down first to make it straight.

Hold the hair you’re about to trim with two fingers as if you were a hairdresser. Move the hair away from the baby’s head by sliding your fingers through it. When you’ve reached the appropriate length, gently cut beneath your infant, keeping your fingers between the scissors and your kid at all times.

Continue to trim tiny portions at a time. Make sure you keep track of how much hair you’re chopping off so it all finishes at the same length.

It’s possible that it won’t be a one-time occurrence. When I initially trimmed my daughter’s hair, I had to perform a few touch-ups the following day. That’s OK – we’re mothers, not fashionistas.

Be cautious

Keep in mind that the scissors you’re using are very sharp, particularly if they’re barber shears. Keep reminding your kid to sit still and telling them where you’re going to cut next if they’re old enough to comprehend. Place the scissors in a safe place out of your child’s reach while you’re not using them.

Your Baby’s First Hair Cut Ideas

We need to get some inspiration now that we know what we need to do to prepare our kid for the first cut. Which style should you go with? It’s a difficult question to respond to.

Take a peek at some of the most popular toddler haircuts below:

Classic Bob style

For any toddler princess, a bob is always a popular option. They’re simple to use with and remain in place all day. You can do it yourself, but it’s also a good idea to get expert assistance. Take a peek at this fashionable bob:

when to give baby first haircut - MommysCutie Guide

Fairy Pixie Style

A pixie cut is another popular option for young girls. Pixie cuts are extremely short and beautiful, and they’re a one-of-a-kind look for a young girl.

With ribbons and clips, it may be fashioned in a variety of charming ways. The style is simple to maintain and doesn’t require much more than a quick comb. No more knots to deal with! Another advantage is that your kid won’t be irritated by her hair getting in her eyes all the time.

Rocking style:

Every mother has probably contemplated trimming her daughter’s bangs at some time. After all, why not? They are very fashionable and constantly in style. Bangs are very simple to do at home. Take a look at this cuteness:

Long and layered style:

If like me, you like your girl’s long tresses, you may be hesitant to trim them. Long, untidy hair, on the other hand, may tend to appear thin and lifeless. Layers are a great method to give your daughter’s hair a fresh lease of life without cutting it too short. Hair with layers will have more depth and dimension. Small adjustments may make a big impact!

Baby Boy First Haircut Styles:

For any boy’s hair, a short and sleek style is a great place to start. It’s impossible to go wrong with this. It’s low-maintenance and will make your young one appear ready for preschool. Take a look at this tiny guy:

Get those edges clean:

Allow your child’s individuality to show through. Keep the borders tidy and the top as raucous as he is. The cut on this beautiful little boy is to die for:

Side Swept Style:

It’s possible that this will be a major shift. However, cutting nearly all of the hair off the bottom and leaving the top long and brushed to one side may completely alter a young man.

Depending on your boy’s hair type, a style like this may necessitate some assistance. For important events, a little style gel may be required. Take a look at this rock star, for example:


Your child’s first haircut is a significant event in his or her life. It’s a memorable moment whether it occurs at eight months or three years. Choose a hairstyle that complements your energetic toddler’s personality. Don’t be constrained by what others are doing. Take a look around and get some ideas.

And whatever you do, remember to save a strand of that priceless infant hair. It may be kept in a scrapbook, a jewelry box, or a locket. That’s a memento that every mother cherishes. Is there any mom-to-mom advice out there? Begin with a tiny snip. Then, if you like, you may chop some more.

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