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How to watch tv in bed pregnant

Comfortable Positions During Pregnancy To Watch TV

Due to the weight surrounding your tummy, as well as other factors, you may be experiencing discomfort when pregnant. A lot of stress may be placed on your back, making routine chores difficult. When you’re pregnant, your posture matters more than it does when you’re watching TV. Pregnant women need to know which postures are most comfortable for their bodies while they’re viewing TV for lengthy periods.

We’ve compiled a list of the most comfortable places to watch TV while expecting:

How To Watch Tv In Bed Pregnant?

Sit Upright with Good Posture

Maintaining proper posture while watching television is the most comfortable position to be in while pregnant. When you sit down, be sure that your back is straight and that your shoulders are pulled back. Your buttocks should be able to reach the back of the chair you are currently seated in. Making a strong first impression will aid in your ability to maintain excellent posture in whatever seating position you choose to adopt.

Sit in a Dining Room Chair

This may not appear to be the most comfortable chair, but it works. Turning the chair around so that the section for your back is in front is the ideal method to achieve this. You may rest your arms on the chair’s back from there.

Use a cushion to make your chair comfier if it is hard. This will also help you sit more upright and enjoy your TV viewing experience.

Make sure your television is at a comfortable viewing height. This may be accomplished by purchasing a high-quality flat-screen TV stand that is perfectly aligned with your eye level. You won’t be putting any more pressure on your body merely to watch TV in this manner.

Sit Cross-Legged

Sit cross-legged on the floor in front of your TV and TV stand as you prepare to play your favorite show. Because it reduces the amount of space in the front of the pelvis, sitting with your legs crossed is a good idea while you’re pregnant.

Doing so may help alleviate some of the strain on your pelvic when you are sitting down.

Sit with a Supported Staff Pose

When you’re watching TV while pregnant, you might find it most comfortable to sit in a yoga stance. Sit on the floor as close to the edge of your sofa as you can to achieve the “supported staff stance. Your buttocks and spine must be as close to the bar as possible.

You’ll want to locate the front of your sitting bones (the attachment points for the hamstrings and buttocks) and sit up straight and tall, leaning into the sofa at the back of your chair (or a wall if you prefer). Your spine will be straight and protected in this seated position.

Positions To Watch Tv When Pregnant With Twins

Sit in a Pregnancy Rocker or Birth Ball

You may even go one step further and acquire specialized items such as a pregnant rocker (also known as an ergonomic chair) or a birth ball to help you during your pregnancy. Sit on one of these while watching television, or alternate between the two, while relaxing. These will give you the most comfort when sitting since they operate by relieving pressure off critical areas in the body’s structure.

You can keep your pregnancy rocker and use it even if you aren’t pregnant, making it even more valuable as an investment.

Use Back Support

Using these sitting postures may not be enough to make you comfortable, so you may want to consider investing in a back support device. Depending on availability, you may acquire a lumbar roll from your local pharmacy or specialized medical shop, or you can order one online. If you don’t want to pay the additional money, you can simply wrap up a tiny towel and use that instead.

When you sit down, you should arrange this at the curvature of your back to utilize it. This should assist to relieve some of the strain on your back and shoulders.

If you want to watch television in bed, consider using a pregnant cushion to support your neck and back. These are available at most maternity shops as well as on the internet. In terms of supporting your expanding stomach, they are excellent.

Sit with Lumbar Spine and Groin Support

This is a common seated yoga posture that is beneficial for back and hip tension. To sit in this posture, lay on your stomach on the couch with one leg extended and the other knee dangling off the sofa. While you’re watching TV, this will also give you a nice stretch! Always remember to switch sides.

Always maintain your belly button lower than your spine and your knees lower than your hips, regardless of the posture you choose to sit in.

It’s also crucial not to sit in the same posture for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Reduce your sitting duration to only 10-15 minutes if your back discomfort is severe. Change your seating posture or get up and take a short stroll. Stretching may also help you feel better when you’re pregnant!

Does What You Watch On TV Affect Your Unborn Baby?

According to the experts, long-term mobile phone use is linked to low birth weight, a high risk of baby emergency transfers, and a shorter pregnancy length. Long periods spent in front of a screen are also linked to decreased physical, mental, and vigor.

Long periods of screen watching are widespread throughout the world. Prolonged screen viewing periods have been linked to an increased risk of negative pregnancy outcomes and chronic illnesses.

Can Too Much Screen Time Affect Pregnancy?

It has been proven that prolonged screen viewing periods are common sedentary activities that are related to an elevated risk of unfavorable pregnancy outcomes and medical conditions.

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