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Top Reasons That Your Baby Cries When Changing Diaper

Does your baby cries when changing diaper, does he or she scream and wail? Do you fear changing them in public because they’ll sob uncontrollably? Crying may indicate a leaking or poopy diaper. Nevertheless, you’re probably wondering why your kid screams every time you change his or her diaper and how to stop the squabbles. Let’s look at the many reasons why your baby may cry during a diaper change. We’ll also discuss how to keep them pleased during the procedure.

Why your baby cries when changing diaper?

Mommy, you’re not alone if your baby is unhappy during diaper changes. Almost all infants despise changing their diapers at some time. There are a variety of reasons why your infant is becoming so distressed.

  1. Many infants, particularly newborns, despite the cold that comes with diaper changes.
  2. If you change your baby before feedings, he or she may be too hungry to wait. Instead, change after each meal.
  3. Don’t know what is happening: Most babies despise diaper changes since they have no idea what’s going on. As kids get more comfortable with the diaper-changing process, their trust will grow.
  4. Wants to have more control over their body and time: As your child grows older, they will want to have more control over their body and time. They’ll detest being carried away in the middle of a game.
  5. Laying your infant on their back for a diaper change stops them from exploring their newly discovered abilities (rolling, sitting up, crawling, etc.). They despise being constrained.

Could There Be A Medical Issue?

If you suspect your infant is unhappy during diaper changes because of a medical condition, follow your instincts as a mother. Make an appointment with your child’s physician.

How to Stop The Diaper Changing Fights

When your infant despises diaper changes, it may be difficult. They don’t have to be stressful for you or your kid, however. Here are nine tips to help you prevent fights and make diaper changes more enjoyable:

  1. Give notice: Wouldn’t it be awful if someone suddenly snatched you up and began torturing you? Always inform your infant what you’re going to do before you start to avoid a power struggle and to build trust.
  2. Distract the infant by placing some tiny, entertaining items near the changing materials and allowing the baby to play with them just while the diaper is being changed. Keeping them for diaper changes will keep them interesting. You may also give your infant something to hang on to, such as a diaper, the remote, your hairbrush, or the diaper cream.
  3. Take a deep breath and take your time to slow down and connect. If you hurry, they’ll feed off your anxiousness, and neither of you will enjoy it. Make the most of this one-on-one time with your kid by reconnecting and bonding.
  4. Make your baby giggle by tickling them, making funny faces, or blowing on their stomach.
  5. Sing a song like this: Keep a couple of your baby’s favorite tunes on hand for when it’s time to change. This will keep them occupied, make them smile, and perhaps even make them look forward to diaper changes.
  6. Swaddle your baby’s upper body or change diapers in the hottest part of the home. You may also use a wipe warmer or blow warm air over your baby’s chest while changing him.
  7. Explain your actions: Tell the infant precisely what you’re doing as you do it in a calm voice. Also, be sure you maintain a lot of eye contact. This establishes a positive tone and demonstrates that they are valued.
  8. Create a view by following these steps: Make a beautiful, sensory-rich environment in which to change their diapers. Placing the changing table near a window, hanging a baby mobile above the changing pad, or even painting a mural on a neighboring wall are all options.
  9. Remember that no one method will always work, so be willing to try new ideas.

Try To Make Diaper Changing Process Fun

It’s quite natural for infants to dislike diaper changes at times, and there may be a variety of reasons why they’re so upset. Your baby may be chilly, hungry, or just frustrated that they are unable to explore and exercise their newly acquired abilities to sit and crawling.

Diaper changes, on the other hand, do not have to be an unpleasant experience. Create diversions, be funny, narrate your activities, and engage with your kid to put an end to the changing fights. Because no one method will always work, be careful to attempt a variety of approaches to keep your infant happy.

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