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About Me

Chelsy Gallagher

Chelsy Gallagher is a librarian by day and blogger by night. She’s the type of person who never walks past an opportunity to learn something new, which is why she loves reading so much! She has two daughters that are her whole world and loves cooking for them when they visit. Her husband thinks it’s a little strange that she enjoys hiking as well, but Chelsy couldn’t imagine giving up either one of these things in order to live a more normal life.

A little about me

My personal blog is a place where I share my knowledge about parenting tips and tricks. This has really opened up avenues for me to explore as well! My interest in blogging was sparked after becoming a mother myself, looking around at all the information out there that could help new parents like us.

My goal with this site is to provide you with some of the most informative content on topics related to being (or soon-to-be) pregnant or having children – something we never had access to when raising our own kids due largely in part because they were born so long ago!